Trading Journal Week 21/3/2016

This is the first entry of a trading journal that I intend to do every week. It’s main purpose is to keep me honest about my trading. Lately I’ve been trading alone without the scrutiny of another set of eyes and my discipline and performance had lapsed.

It will begin with a set of Levels and ranges I’ll be watching and trading for the week. Then as I open and close a trade I will tweet it and embed the relevant tweet here. It may or may not get views but it needs to be done.

Also it’s a 4 day week (pre-Easter).

Trade #1 – USDCAD I’m quite sure it failed as my entry wasn’t timed well enough for the size of my stop/risk.

Trade#2 –  EURJPY Looking at the chart below I see no valid reason to have even opened a trade. None whatsoever.

Trade #3 – AUDJPY was 3rd consecutive fail. I traded off the 8470 line which in hindsight was too minor a level. The next line below near 8430 provided support and bounces all week.

Trade #4 – GBPUSD I got every level spot on here but was content with this one trade.

Trade #5 – AUDUSD I added a new line based on current Weekly low to enter if new low was made. That’s not how I do things.

Trade #6 – USDJPY I traded correctly here. My stop got spiked during Brussels bombing events.

Trade #7 – NZDUSD Entry was correct. Target was based on AWR which wasn’t achieved even after 4 trading days. So I took the money and said goodbye.

Trade #8 – USDCAD same setup and idea as before. Moved quite well during Brussels hours where I moved stop to entry point and it got hit in the volatility. Not a mistake.

Trade #9 – EURGBP This level was too vague to have succeeded. Had I won it would have been luck. While no great harm in trying, my mistake here was not to reduce size to accommodate a bigger stop for the vagueness. Ended up a -2R lose

Trade #10 – EURUSD Forgot to tweet exit but went out for -0.5R. Wasn’t smart entry, similar to AUDUSD earlier relying on momentum and not waiting nearer to the level.

Trade #11 – AUDUSD This was another entry but much higher up nearer to tough resistance. Didn’t get the chart posted. But once it failed to break again I started adding to trade.

Trade #12 – USDJPY just like CAD above the idea and level was there. Out for zero after adding and adjusting risk, ie. tinkering with stop levels.

Trade #13 – USDCAD 3rd time lucky. Set and forget. No tinkering or adding.

Trade #14 – EURUSD level was definitely broken here. Got to +40 and just struggled to get on with it. Moved stop to zero and that’s what I got.

End of week report


Trade #15 – GBPJPY Wasn’t going to open another trade but this level looked too juicy.


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