Some Longer Term USD Charts

Whenever I look at others’ charts I see something I may have overlooked myself. So here are a few longer term USD charts to share that may help others. Because the charts are longer term I’m not trading off them but they are interesting nonetheless. I guess you still need points of reference for whatever price action default and debt issues may provide.


EUR/USD Daily. Despite continued pressure on USD, the euro is making lower tops against the dollar. Obviously, watch for it to either continue or change. The natural trade here would be another range down with risk above the most recent top.


But the EUR/USD 1hr chart is interesting too.


GBP/USD Daily has been trending up for the last three weeks but hasn’t made a major higher high yet.


USD/CHF Weekly with lines still relevant over the decades.


The shorter term USD/CHF 6hr chart indicates price at a short term extreme low. Often price can bounce from the bands but keep in mind the previous few touches on the bands resulted in sideways action.


USD/JPY Weekly showing a major 30-year parallel channel with significant minor parallels.





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