All Conquering Swissie – Short Term Charts

The Swiss Franc continues to steam-roll everything in its path. Every xxx/CHF chart you look at looks the same – down, down, more down. The trend really is your friend here.

While so much focus gets placed on EUR/USD, it’s both the euro and the dollar that are the biggest losers here.

EUR/CHF 6hr – resembles a ski slope with a ramp at the end for a jump down lol. But seriously, the road looks too thin and steep now. Would really need a new shock to make a new low in the coming week. I really must start the week long here.


USD/CHF – current action resembles that of late May. My next trade here will be short when the time is right.


GBP/CHF – steady as she goes.


AUD/CHF – scraped in a new low. (I’ll have a separate post for AUD pairs)


CAD/CHF – H&S just for fun, just in case, and makes the CAD look very good compared to the others.


CHF/JPY – pretty much sideways for last six weeks but knocking on the door now.




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